This is the second edition of "SOUNDTRACK MARKET VIBE" and it is dedicated solely to vinyl soundracks, reporting the most interesting sales during November. Of course there will also be a second part of cd soundtrack market report for November 2017 as promised in our previous first edition. In the current one, we cover some very interesting sales regarding non US vintage editions and original soundtracks from horror movies of the 80s (mostly). I hope you will enjoy it. Sources are ebay and discogs.



The Norwegian composer Sven Libaek emigrated early in his life in Australia and made a big name working for Aussie movies and documentaries writing some of the most uplifting and delightful jazz ever composed. This is not an overstatement since his records can prove the huge talent of this musician. The appeal his music has in modern audiences is obvious and proven through the huge prices his original LPs fetch in various auctions and markets. November 2017 showed two of his original soundtrack albums reach three digit numbers, first in November 16, a EX+ copy of the extremely rare Festival label stereo LP from “TO RIDE A WHITE HORSE” reaching 235 Australian Dollars (around 175$) and later in November 21st, a VG cover, EX vinyl copy of his Philips LP for “THE SET” stopped at 150 Australian Dollars (around 115$).


Both albums were released in Australia the first in 1967 containing Libaek’s score for surf pioneer Bob Evans’ excellent surf documentary and the second one is the original soundtrack to – probably – the first gay interest movie in the Australian cinema “THE SET” and  was released in 1970. Both LPs are masterpieces of cinematic jazz and always fetch high prices as all Sven Libaek’s original vinyl pressings. Independent Australian label Votary, released again these superb soundtracks for new generations to discover and of course for those who can't afford to pay the huge amounts required to buy the originals.




Among the various records in the short but admirable career of Francois De Roubaix, the soundtrack from the tv mini series TEVA: OPERATION GAUGUIN that was released in 1970 in the exotic Tahiti is one of the top collectibles. Released by Somethin’Else records label both on LP and 45 rpm single, De Roubaix’s soundtrack is extremely rare to find and contains a really exquisite score very unique on its structure and way ahead of its time in some specific moments. De Roubaix incorporated some of his usual electronic instrumentation for this score creating a greatly effective accompaniment for the many underwater sequences of the series and the exotic landscapes. He also used exotic instruments as ukulele guitars and percussion. A strong asset of the score is the main theme which is a simple melodic song performed by his usual collaborator Vaea Sylvain. This specific song is included both in the LP program and the 45 single and is the main reason for the desirability of the records. There is a reissue on cd of only 9 cues of the 14 that are included on the LP excluding also the song. Two copies of this LP were sold in November, the one for 111€ (VG+ vinyl/VG cover in November 14) and the other for 86€ (VG vinyl/VG+ cover in November 30).  A price of 69€ for VG condition vinyl of the single was offered in November 14.



November had some very interesting deals in established top collectible and sought after vinyl soundtracks from horror movies. I will try to focus on the older pressings and exclude the modern reissues hysteria since they haven’t pass the test of time, at least most of them.


"SUSPIRIA" had very recently a reissue by “Mondo” Records in various color variants on vinyl but even if almost immediately all these yellow, blue and red variants became collectors targets, I will stick with the real thing, the Japanese Odeon vinyl issue which was released in 1977 and had astonishing sound quality. Two sales for 59$ were closed in the 1st and 2nd of November in Japan and the States, for Near Mint copies with obi, complete with 3D inlay folder. This pressing was really superb when it came out simultaneously with the Italian Cinevox and French Barclay pressings and instantly attracted the collectors’ interest. I’m sure that this pressing will keep collectors interest forever.


Charles Bernstein’s "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET" released by Varese Sarabande on LP in 1986 and by the end of the 00s it begun progressively increasing its market price, reaching three digit levels very frequently as years pass. There is of course a general trend with the specific series of movies among the horror and film music fans, that leads not only records but everything that is related with them to incredibly high market prices. In November 2nd a seemingly near mint copy at least on cover (which had its shrinkwrap intact) went for 114$ which has become a usual price for an excellent copy of this record. We keep our eyes open for the Japanese release of the first movie's soundtrack, an amazing pressing that has become a holy grail for the soundtrack collectors.



The original soundtrack from "THE SHINING" even if it was released in many countries around the world (the Spanish issue having different cover art than the other releases) have always been attracting collectors interest due to the notorious fame of the Stanley Kubrick film and of course due to the excellent collection of music it includes. During November many copies were sold, but the highest price reached 118$ for a VG+ (but visually near mint) copy in the USA. Two more notable sales were recorded in France in 21st and 22nd of November that reached 89€ for EX/EX+ (cover/vinyl) copies. The album sold for lower prices during the month but never below 50€ except for a copy that was sold in Germany for 37,5€ but the seller didn’t accept paypal (I’m not sure if this is a serious reason for someone to avoid a deal but perhaps it had an effect).


Fred Myrow had associated his name with the legendary sci-fi masterpiece “SOYLENT GREEN” before composing the music for the bizarre Don Coscarelli horror movie “PHANTASM” in 1980. Initially “PHANTASM”s score didn’t attract much of attention even if it had a camp adaptation as a disco boogie instrumental by Captain Zorro! As years passed the notoriousness meter skyrocketed, unfortunately after Myrow’s untimely passing away in 1999 of heart attack. The music of “PHANTASM” series has acquired cult status as most of the 80s horror movie scores and not only the original vinyl soundtrack recordings of the music reaches very high prices in international markets, but also the reissues by “Mondo” records in four different (!!) color variants are very attractive to collectors.

Two copies were sold in November and the one was of the obscure GEM United Kingdom pressing that contained the Captain Zorro disco rendition of the title music. This copy was sold for 75GBP by a British seller (November 19th). GEM pressing is the only one existing that contains the Captain Zorro theme.  The Varese Sarabande that is more common to be found, had one seemingly perfect condition copy sold for 85$ in November 8th. We’ll keep tracking this title’s sales continuously trying to report a sale of the Japanese superb sonic quality copy.


The original Varese pressing of “THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” soundtrack could not be missing from November sales report as it happens to be one of the most sought after titles especially if found in mint or sealed condition. Yes, it is very unusual but not impossible to find a sealed copy of this holy grail as it happened twice in November (23d and 27th) for copies  that went for 100$ each. Another copy in near mint condition sold for 140$ in November 23d. Waiting for the “Waxwork” records deluxe reissue I wonder if the prices will remain in such high levels in the future.


Perhaps the most sought after horror soundtrack LPs of our time (excluding the European issues of course) are the “EVIL DEAD” first two movies soundtracks. Both composed by director Sam Raimi’s 80s collaborator Joseph Lo Duca, stand as first rate symphonic scores, unlike the vast majority of the low budget movies of the genre during the 80s, that had synthesizer made scores. Very hard to find both of them, “EVIL DEAD” and “EVIL DEAD 2” were released by Varese Sarabande and now require a deep pocket to be acquired by collectors. A very good condition copy of “EVIL DEAD” was sold for 200$ in November 23d and a like new copy of “EVIL DEAD 2” was sold for 125$ both in the United States. I should also mention the TER United Kingdom and the Brazilian Varese SBK editions of  "EVIL DEAD 2" that are very desirable items. The TER edition was sold three times during November and the prices were around the 50€ margin. Stunning cover too for the TER one. The “EVIL DEAD 2” soundtrack had a reissue recently by Waxwork Records in three different color variants. I’m pretty sure that they won’t have a serious effect in the original’s price.


The score that actually light the fuse for the 80s horror soundtrack market big bang, left last but not least of course in our report. John Carpenter’s “HALLOWEEN” was released by Varese Sarabande a little after the movie’s release and made a sensation with the unique fresh air that infused to music not only for horror genre films but in general. The Varese Sarabande album was quite common until the end of 00s, when gradually started becoming sought after and quite difficult to find although there were releases in Japan and in Germany. The Japanese pressing has slightly alternate cover than the other two regarding the art, and contains snippets of dialogue. Two copies were sold in November, the most expensive one in November 23d for a perfect copy without obi that was sold for 200$ and another one in November 1st seemingly mint with obi intact, that left for 95GBP in the UK. A reportedly mint Varese Sarabande copy fetched a price of 100$ in November 5th. I could mention a couple of sales of Mondo Records reissue of the complete soundtrack in Orange Variant vinyl that went way over 100$, since this release is very very popular and it’s been almost 5 years since it went for sale by Mondo, but I promise that in the future there will be a very thorough coverage of Mondo records most popular releases regarding their reported sales.


A second part of the November vinyl soundtrack market report will follow shortly covering mostly European soundtracks, so keep in touch.