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About Us

“Itscorez” is a site dedicated to soundtracks and film music. Our main goal is to offer an overview of the soundtrack market, with presentations and reviews of new soundtrack releases. You will find all things important about film music and we hope anything a film music enthusiast is interested for. We love film music and collect soundtracks for around 30 years and we decided that “itscorez” is also the right place for collectors and film music fans from all around the world to acquire rare and collectible cds from our personal collection. We decided that now is the time this collection of collectible soundtrack cds to find a new home.


The items that you will find for sale here are mostly one of a kind and in rare occasions you will find more than one copy. 99% of the cds are in near mint or mint condition. You will find detailed description if a specific item has some fault or something to be mentioned about its condition.

The grading system we use is: 1) factory sealed (meaning bought and never opened), 2) mint (an item that was opened but never played or played only once) and 3) excellent (an item that was bought used by me but is in perfect condition).

We collect soundtracks since 1988 and there are more than 4500 titles to be sold. The items are not going to be up for sale all together. We are going to update the catalogue of items for sale on weekly basis by posting around 50 items per week or more. Please buy with confidence. I will answer every mail and every question.