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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2019 as a 40th Anniversary edition of the 1978 Richard Donner movie, by La-la Land records. The three discs edition contains the complete score composed by John Williams plus the remastered album released in 1978. Outstanding release by La-la Land for this masterpiece...
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Music Box label in 2017 and contains music by Philippe Sarde for various movies directed by Laurent Heynemann, a regular collaborator of Bertrand Tavernier. Great selection of previously unreleased music by the great French composer, for six movies, IL FAUT TUER BIRGIT..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Hit Parade label in 2007 and contains the complete score Victor Young composed for the legendary 1956 movie. This was the first time the complete score of Victor Young was released in any format, 50 years after the movie's release. A wonderful oscar winning score by th..
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Mint cd. Released by GDM in 2008 and contains the full score Stelvio Cipriani composed for the 1970 Italian war movie. The score was released on LP during the 70s as a promo by CAM under the title I SETTE DI MARSA MATRUH. Cipriani composed a robust and powerful score very indicative of his style. He..
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Mint cd. Released in 2008 by Lionsgate and contains David Buckley's score for the Fantasy action movie with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Symphonic, percussion heavy, uplifting and epic but also versatile regarding character depiction. Oriental orchestration is also present. Very fine score that is not ea..
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Mint cd. Released by Silva Screen in 2008. This is the European release of Brian Tyler's score to Sylvester Stallone's 2008 revival of his legendary cinematic hero. Nice score with references to Jerry Goldsmith's music for the 80s movies. Sold out since a long time and increasing in value...
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Mint 4 cd set released by La-la Land label in 2016 in a limited edition of 5000 copies. Contains the two John Williams scores for JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD, remastered and expanded in their complete form. Awesome release by La-la Land that sold out its 5000 units in two years...
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2021 by Kronos records. This is the second edition that was released after a strong demand by soundtrack collectors, after the first one vanished rapidly from the market in 2014 a few months after its release. Gloomy but beautiful score by Rachel Portman who composed f..
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Mint cd. Released by FSM in 2003, contains the complete score Jerry Goldsmith composed for Blake Edwards' 1973 western. Wonderful Americana score by Jerry Goldsmith that contains one of the most incredibly orchestrated cues of his career "Wild Horses". Sold out since a long time...
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2017 by La-la Land records. Contains James Newton Howard's complete score for Kevin Reynold's 1995 movie. A very good symphonic score by Howard during the peak of his creativity in the mid 90s. Rhythm, melody and symphonic power are blended in a unique way in this scor..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2012 by Intrada and contains the full Lalo Schifrin score for Don Siegel's 1969 movie. Sold out and hard to find...
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by the Varese Sarabande cd club in 2017. Contains the complete score Basil Poledouris composed in 1995 for the sequel of Steven Seagal's 1992 super hit.  Familiar symphonic ideas by the late great composer, who knew very well how to compose an exciting score for a pu..
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