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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Quartet in 2017 and contains Jerry Goldsmith's score for Fred Schepisi's 1990 movie. This edition offers a completely remastered presentation of Goldsmith's score, adding around 16 minutes of more music. The limited edition of 1000 copies sold out very quickly and the ..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2017 by Quaret. Contains Lalo Schifrin's excellent funk action score for Jackie Chan's first attempt to make a movie outside his country. Even though the film wasn't flawless, the score is amazing, centered around a whistled main theme and some superb music ideas. The ..
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Factory Sealed 4 cd set released by La-la Land label in 2016 in a limited edition of 5000 copies. Contains the two John Williams scores for JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD, remastered and expanded in their complete form. Awesome release by La-la Land that sold out its 5000 units in two years...
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Factory Sealed box set. Please check the photos. Released in 2010 by Beat Records in Italy. This box set was a very limited special edition that contains all the BLACK EMANUELLE movie soundtracks, plus a DVD with four documentaries about the movies. Nico Fidenco composed the music for all the movies..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2012 by FSM and contains the complete score composed by John Barry for the 1976 blockbuster. The edition contains both the score as it was used in the film and the 1976 soundtrack album. Outstanding production values as usual by the Film Score Monthly team. ..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2018 by Victor Japan and contains Yuji Ohno's excellent score for Kon Ichikawa's 1976 thriller. the composer Yuji Ohno created a score influenced directly from European lyricism of the era (very popular in Japan) and orchestrated with funk and pop instruments t..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Music Box label in 2018 and contains a triplet of Francis Lai unreleased gems in a two disc set. 3 INTO 2 WON'T GO, a 1969 drama directed by Peter Hall, HOUSE OF CARDS, a 1968 movie directed by John Guillermin, and BERLIN AFFAIR, a 1970 made for tv spy drama. Outs..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Cinema-Kan label in Japan in 2017. Contains Akira Ifukube's score from the Kaiju monster movie released in 1966. One of Ifukube's most dramatic scores for a Kaiju Monster film. Contains some of his greatest marches and here Cinema-Kan presents an expanded release with ..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Cinema-Kan label in 2017 and contains Akira Ifukube's score for the Kaiju Monster movie FRANKENSTEIN Vs BARAGON (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD - 1965). This is one of the most acclaimed Kaiju monster movies with a great Akira Ifukube score that was released also in 1..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Cinema-Kan label in Japan in 2017. It is a remastered and expanded edition of the first release by Futureland label (again Japanese) of Akira Ifukube's score for the film KING KONG ESCAPES (1967). Maestro Ifukube composed a great score with all the distinctive musical ..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released by Intrada label in 2015, it contains the rejected score Georges Delerue composed for Jack Clayton's 1983 filmic adaptation of Ray Bradbury's story. Delerue's dark and beautiful score was criticized by the production company's executives as too dark and was replaced with ..
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Factory Sealed cd. Released in 2013 by La-la Land label and contains Dimitri Tiomkin's score for the classic western. Amazing 73 minute program and a monumental release for a classic score. Limited edition of 2000 copies sold out...
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